The force behind Marc Marquez’s MotoGP royal position

He’s the smooth talker and partner of possibly the world’s most noteworthy bike racer. Less dark distinction maybe – Santi Hernandez is mop-haired and unshaven – yet this man is a practically changeless apparatus along the edge of five-time MotoGP title holder Marc Marquez.

Marquez has broken record after record in his moderately short vocation and reclassified what is conceivable in the seat of a multi-million-dollar MotoGP bicycle.

All through the 26-year-old Catalan’s time in the chief class, Hernandez has been his shadow. Watch any MotoGP weekend and the amicable 44-year-old is there, clipboard close by, murmuring counsel into Marquez’s ear and marshaling the extreme action in the carport around him. The two seem indistinguishable; companions with an unbreakable bond.

Marquez himself talks with clear warmth for his kindred Spaniard. “I began to work with him in 2011,” the various victor reveals to CNN Sport. “Obviously, in that time, there have been extraordinary minutes, terrible minutes, yet it resembles he’s not my central technician, he’s my companion.”

Like a marriage

Be that as it may, most companions don’t need to assume the job of both great and terrible cop as a title holder’s central architect.

“Indeed you have to isolate your own relationship,” Hernandez discloses to CNN Sport.

“At the point when I start, I would prefer not to be companions with the rider, since this is an occupation, we’re in an expert world. Regardless of whether you’re an old buddy or not, when you are with a victor, or any rider, they need the outcome.”

Character means nothing, he says: “You can be pleasant, an amusing person, yet toward the end, in the event that you are not carrying out your responsibility well…”, Hernandez grins, whistles and makes a motion with his thumb, “you are out.”

The group boss is sufficiently liberal to credit Marquez for the pair’s unique bond.

“You can be with a rider for a long time and never be a companion, the relationship is simply proficient. With Marc it’s unique,” says Hernandez.

“Be that as it may, it’s not to say everything is correct when we’re working; ordinarily, we battle, commonly we’re searching for what is the most ideal approach to accomplish something, and commonly we are not concurring … be that as it may, this is a piece of the activity.”

Writer David Emmett, one of the MotoGP enclosure’s pre-prominent voices and manager of the persuasive MotoMatters site, has viewed the connection among Hernandez and Marquez bloom.

“It truly resembles a fruitful marriage,” Emmett revealed to CNN Sport. “Marc trusts Santi, and Santi is available to Marc’s thoughts. They go through hours consistently poring over information, examining methods for improving each part of hustling, both at the track and at home.

“They win together, and they lose together, they acknowledge both the recognition and the accuse together.”

The dashing bug

Hernandez was naturally introduced to the universe of designing – his dad functioned as a repairman – and he dashed bikes as a youngster. His sibling hustled in the Spanish title, however the youthful Hernandez was more keen on soccer than MotoGP. It’s recognizable how regularly he utilizes soccer as a similarity for his work.

Step by step he began to get the motorbike bug. At that point as an adolescent, he got a big chance.

While considering to be a specialist and working in a shop, an open door came up to work at incredible suspension maker Showa.

“They required a youthful person for an apprenticeship, and to show him everything about suspension, and I was fortunate that I realized a few people working in the big showdown, and they gave me the chance. Furthermore, presently, here I am.”

The MotoGP schedule is a trudge. With 19 races across five landmasses, groups travel in excess of 76,000 miles (123 kilometers) throughout a season.

It is sufficient to put a strain on anybody, and Hernandez lets it be known can be hard.

“I have a girl, she is living in London, I am in Barcelona; however it’s not just my little girl, I have my accomplice, my dad, my sibling, my uncles, the entire family, you need that.”

Between races the Barcelona-based Hernandez attempts to make it home when he can, yet it isn’t constantly conceivable.

“It depends: for instance, the last three races of the period, in Asia, you go ahead, in light of the fact that you are away for three weeks straight,” he clarifies.

“At the present time, I want to return home between races, regardless of whether it’s only for multi week or five days. Obviously, when I was more youthful, I would need to remain, in light of the fact that everything is new, yet following 22 years, not really.”

No rest

Indeed, even in the slow time of year, there is little relief.

There is a post-season test in November, an investigation of how the group has done to be led just as instructions Japanese specialists in anticipation of the following title.

Be that as it may, Hernandez says, rest is crucial.

“It resembles the riders,” he says. “They need to stop, they can’t prop up in the exercise center, keep in the physical condition each day, since they have to likewise recuperate.

“Me as well – you have to turn off, I mean, take half a month, appreciate with the family, with companions, since this activity is such a penance, since you don’t do anything with companions of family, so thus, that time is critical to energize the batteries.”

The Marquez time has been a brilliant one for Honda, and the maker commands the game. Be that as it may, achievement, Hernandez clarifies, just expands the weight.

“It resembles in soccer, when you are with a group that needs to win the association, the title, the European class, everything, on the off chance that you don’t win anything it’s a catastrophe.

“Here it’s the equivalent. At the point when you are with a rider like Marc, consistently you start the season considering winning the big showdown, not to complete in the best five. Each time you don’t get your objective, it is anything but a decent outcome.”

The strain to win

Hernandez thinks seeing an outcome in setting is indispensable after a race, yet additionally says that weight is significant.

“Obviously, after the race you need to take a gander at the master plan, in light of the fact that numerous things can occur, perhaps you finish third, however it’s very acceptable on the grounds that possibly there are numerous accidents, or damage, numerous things.

“In any case, when you are with a rider like Marc, there’s one thing in particular: to win. However, the minute I don’t feel that pressure, I need to return home, I can’t be here.”

Two-wheeled dashing is, by its tendency, vigorously affected by the climate. At April’s MotoGP of the Americas in Austin, groups were confronted with wet, dry and breezy conditions on various days.

So what happens when a team is defied with such a climate estimate?

“All things considered, no doubt, you state ‘f***’, Hernandez chuckles. “The thing is, the bicycle is rarely great. You generally need to improve, improve, improve, and regardless of whether you have 10 days, you need one more.

“This is the equivalent in a race end of the week. On the off chance that tomorrow perhaps every session is in the wet, and Sunday is dry, you have just two sessions to make the bicycle set-up.

“You need to oversee for the climate, and perhaps penance a few things today to be prepared, and center around the greatest things, similar to the tires, the set-up of the bicycle, so alright perhaps you don’t land in the best condition, yet to have the best thought of what we can do on Sunday.”

In any race end of the week, cooperation is vital, Hernandez clarifies.

“My activity, my position, is similar to the mentor in soccer, however around the mentor are numerous individuals, they are buckling down, and without that it is incomprehensible.

“One person like me is the face, however at that time each repairman is feeling the squeeze. They need to rapidly amass the bicycle, they can’t commit an error. They need to get ready, or fix the bicycle, or replace a tire ultimately.”

The group boss’ job is completely urgent to a group’s potential achievement, as indicated by Emmett.

“It is difficult to exaggerate exactly how significant Santi Hernandez’ job is. An extraordinary group boss can tune in to what the rider says about how the bicycle feels and reacts and make an interpretation of that into specialized changes to make the bicycle quicker. That requests trust, correspondence, and a solid relationship.”

Marquez says the relationship goes past innovation. “Obviously, we talk about specialized things yet in addition he is helping me about mental things, about existence, and that proficient relationship turns into a neighborly relationship.”


Hernandez cuts a particular figure in the MotoGP enclosure, yet – in spite of some delicate ribbing from Honda’s press official during CNN Sport’s meeting, he demands his acclaim is confined to the track.

“In the circuit obviously, I mean, the individuals who go to the track, they follow MotoGP, and on the off chance that you follow Marc, or you follow different riders … you know the group … they come up to you,” he says.

“At that point at home, perhaps you go to a café one time, and somebody comes up to you and he’s viewing MotoGP and he says ‘ah, you are working with Marc, etc.

“I’m not the star, we are a group and we need to work a similar way. It resembles I state, I’m the individual who everyone knows, and individuals figure I do everything. Be that as it may, without the remainder of the individuals, I mean the architects in the back and numerous individuals, I’m nothing.”

Significantly following 22 years in the enclosure, and with a tiresome calendar that would stretch anybody as far as possible, Hernandez says life away from MotoGP is incomprehensible.

“This is a medication,” he chuckles. “I’m totally, how to state in English … dependent. Presently it resembles I would need to go to the medical clinic to take that habit. Yet, for the time being, I don’t think about that.”

Whatever the future holds, Marquez reveals to CNN Sport the association with Hernandez will persevere. “In the event that now I quit dashing he will be probably the closest companion in my life.”