How to become an entrepreneur Do you have what it takes

“Could I do it on my own out there?” is a question that many of us have asked ourselves in the course of our careers Jasa Elementor.

The answer to that question may be tied to whether or not we have a specific set of aptitudes and motivators that make us potential entrepreneurs, says Yvon Gasse, Professor and Director of the SME and Entrepreneurship Centre at Laval University. Gasse collaborated with BDC to develop the Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment Tool which helps people better measure their entrepreneurial potential.

“Although many factors come into play such as your personal circumstances and timing, research does show that business owners often share certain qualities that make up the entrepreneurial mindset,” he emphasizes.

Key motivators

For example, Gasse points to 3 “motivating factors”, among others, that attract people to the idea of becoming entrepreneurs in the first place.

1. Need for achievement

“The notion of challenge is an important one for entrepreneurs. They often have a strong need to set objectives and achieve specific goals. They will naturally take measures to meet these goals and will want rapid feedback on their achievements,” he believes.

2. Need to influence

“Often entrepreneurial types want to influence people and the course of events. Making money may be one motivator but ultimately entrepreneurs want to make an impact on people through their businesses. They may also want to shape the course of events by, for example, buying another company or moving their business to China.”

3. Autonomy

“Another motivator at the root of entrepreneurship is the desire to be independent,” says Gasse. “You want to be your own boss and feel in control of your destiny. Independence is a strong driver for people who want to set up their own businesses and pursue their dreams.”