How Are American Small Businesses Really Doing

Many small businesses are still wrestling with this new pandemic normal. The shutdowns earlier this year resulted in a perplexing business landscape – one where mask mandates are causing violence against retail workers. Even the Centers for Disease Control is hit-or-miss with their recommendations to keep the people safe, so what is a small business to do to get Sbobet rolling?

The news paints a bleak picture for the future of small business, but how accurate is it? My company, which caters directly to small businesses, just had two of the best months in its 22-year history in June and July. July was our highest-ever earnings month, and June was the third highest-ever. And let me be clear: Summer is the slowest time of year for my business.

Like most of the country, our revenue initially took a massive hit back in March, slumping an average of more than 40%. But we’ve bounced back effectively and are on pace to be up 10% over last year.

So, despite the rough economy, it may be the case that small businesses are still chugging along. They’re the sole source of my business’s record-setting numbers.

I wanted to see how this was possible, so I set out to uncover how small business owners reacted to the pandemic, mainly if they had to pivot operations in some way and how their marketing strategy fared through the shutdowns and beyond.

A trough of answers to my questions sat right in front of me – my own client base. I sent a survey out to a sampling of small businesses from all types of different industries. Despite the sample size (126 respondents) not being statistically relevant to the nationwide picture, we can still glean some understanding of how the pandemic has impacted and continues to affect the small business community.